Friday, November 4, 2011

Limited Edition: Wet N Wild - I Heart Matte Palette

If you haven't heard of Wet N Wild's I <3 Matte palette you probably do not read a lot of beauty blogs (I tell it like I see it *snaps snaps* >:].. lol just kidding). I <3 Matte is an 8-pan all matte palette that has been getting quite a bit of attention since the official announcement. Drugstore eyeshadows are always very sparkle sparkle so I was very excited to finally have some mattes to play with! I'm a frugal woman whose makeup addiction has not yet escalated to the point of spending 14 dollars on a single eyeshadow (I'm broke ala joke :[ ). I am also a cautious woman who is afraid of alleged harmful chemicals. With my particular standards, you can imagine how hard shopping is.

When I first saw the announcement of the 8-pan matte palette, I was very excited but also sad because the other 8-pan palettes had parabens. I know I haven't officially sworn off parabens, but I've been trying real hard not to buy any products that contained them (it also gives me a reason to spend less). When G from Nouveau Cheap (one of my favorite blogs EVER) posted up ingredients for the palette, I squealed after scanning the ingredients to see NO PARABENS listed! That's right! Wet N Wild, the holy grail of cheapie makeup, has no parabens *cartwheels in the air*! I immediately planned a trip to Walgreens. Turns out I didn't even have to search very far, the first Walgreens I went to had the beauty bar set up!

Wet N Wild  I <3 Matte
0.3 oz/8.5 g - $4.99

The package is the same as the 8-pan shadows, a hinge top. There is minimal excess powder when I dipped my shadow brush (Wet N Wild shadows are known to be powdery so this was a nice surprise). I also accidentally dropped my palette (1.5 feet drop) with no damage except a bit of powder. Previous Wet N Wild palettes are also infamous for exploding at the slightest impact lol.
  • Right Column: The whole right column is soft and buttery like a baby's bottom. I was surprised how soft it actually was. Touching it invoked images of marshmallows and fluffy puppies. Of course, nothing is complete without pigmentation. The shadows are opaque (see pics below).
  • White: The white does not apply as smooth as the right column (only the slightest). Texture-wise, it is as soft as the right column, baby bottom and all.
  • Others: 
    • Green - The green is soft and buttery. Applies a teeny bit less even than the white. 
    • Blue - Applies evenly. Not as pigmented as others and the texture is rougher.
    • Purple (the problem child) - Not as pigmented, applies less evenly than others, texture is rougher.
      • Note: Purple is actually a pretty good eyeshadow. Because the other shadows are such GREAT quality, in comparison, purple isn't as good. You just have to work a little bit harder with the purple than the rest.

Overall: I didn't expect to love these shadows as much as I did. They are so soft and applies smoothly (for the most part). Purple is the only one that lacks in all categories. However, it is still a pretty good shadow. I can't comment on the lasting power since I haven't worn it on my eyes yet (I will soon!).

Left Column

Right Column
Ingredients list
Make sure you aren't allergic to any chemicals!

Back of the palette, in case you were curious lol
I adjusted the image to look a bit truer to color.
The white is a bit whiter.
The purple is slightly purpl-er in real life.
The blue a bit less bright and a bit more blue.

Blue and purple has sparse silver sparkle in matte formulation


  1. I wish I could find this palette at my local walgreens...=(

  2. @Glitz Glam - Where do you live? I think they are still trickling in since Halloween just passed and they are replacing all their Halloween displays!