Sunday, November 6, 2011

Claire's Dollar Accessory Sale!

Hi, my name is Theresa.
(Hi, Theresa)
And I'm a Claire's shopper.
I know I'm an adult and their target audience are the "tweens". But I can't help it. I can't resist a good deal. I realize I'm the only person without a chaperone in the store. I realize all of this and yet I cannot stop. Will I seek help? No. It's a good deal and I'm not ashamed to be a Claire's shopper at this age! (Preach! Theresa! Preach!)
Claire's Bow Earrings - $1

I love accessories. I rock just about anything, flower hair pins, earrings, dangly necklaces, bracelets etc etc.

When Claire's have their 10 for 10 sale, I always pop in check it out.
  • You don't have to buy 10 accessories to get each for a dollar. You may just buy one item for one dollar if you want (most people don't know this!)
  • ONLY accessories that are redlined is part of their sale..
    • If the original price is under 10 dollars, the final price is automatically one dollar
    • If the original price is over 10 dollars, it is an additional 50% off the red-marked price
      • Example: 
        • Original price is $10.50. It is redlined and adjusted to $5.50. The final price would be $2.25
        • Original price is $9.00. It is redlined and adjusted to $4.50. The final price is $1!
  • I have bought glasses, hair pins, earrings, necklaces that all follow these rules

An example of what a "redlined" item looks like
The final price would be $1

Claire's 2 flower hair clip pack (blue and yellow) - $1
Showing only the yellow hair clip

Claire's Owl Necklace - $1

Claire's 9 pcs Flower Bobby Pins Pack - $1


  1. They are! You should check out your claire's.. unless you have sensitive skin and ears haha.

  2. The flower hair clip is so adorable! I haven't been to Claire's in years...but after seeing this post I am so tempted to go do some wallet damage! lol

  3. @Glitz Glam Budget - I love how sturdy they are and it gives my hair a lil something when it is pin straight