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Wet N Wild Ultimate Mineral Blush (Paraben Free!) + Paraben breakdown

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Paraben Breakdown

In the past few months, I've been trying to weed out parabens in my daily products.

Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. "Measurable concentrations of six different parabens have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors", according to "Parabens are estrogen mimickers, with the potency of the agonistic response being related to the chemical structure." In other words, parabens may cause breast cells to mutate which may lead to cancer. 

Note that the chemical is linked to breast cancer and may not be the cause of it. Research is still being conducted on parabens and we may never find out whether if parabens cause or contribute to cancer. Since there is no definitive answer yet, I decided to try my best to stay away from such chemicals (though I haven't succumbed to buying paraben makeup products yet, I've been thinking of that Urban Decay Naked Palette :X). I am definitely not using parabens in my moisturizer, body lotion and body wash, since those products cover most of my body and you can find easy cheap alternatives (st. ives body lotion for one is cheap and paraben free).

To read more about parabens:

Here's a link to chemicals has found to be linked to breast cancer:

Side Note: Being paraben free causes you to buy a lot less makeup which is good for your wallet :)!
Every time I review a product that is paraben free, I'll put it in the labels so it is easy for you guys to find paraben free products! I'll also note whether it is paraben free or not in my post on any product I physically have (sometimes makeup ingredient list on websites are wrong -___-)!

How to find paraben in your products: 
Any chemical that says PARABEN in it's name has parabens. For the most part, chemical with the word UREA in it has a mix of different parabens and chemicals. So watchout for the word PARABEN and UREA when looking at ingredient lists. Ex. methylparaben and propylparaben has paraben.

Sorry for the SUPER LONG post about parabens. If you aren't educated in the chemical, you are now! Everyone has the rights to know about the chemical and make their individual choice!

Wet N Wild Ultimate Mineral Blush Review

Here is one of the products from Wet n Wild that is paraben free!! DING DING DING! Wet n Wild has a LOT of products that are full of parabens, but so does Revlon, Covergirl, Urban Decay and every other makeup brand. Occasionally makeup brands create a product without parabens and that is when I pray to the makeup gods it is a good product ><! Wet n Wild Ultimate Mineral Blush is one of those good products.

I bought these blushes on sale at Rite Aids a while back and I think they were $3.99 BOGO. So I paid around 2 bucks for each blush. I have one in barely peach and another in pinched pink.

Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Mineral Blush blends easily with my ELF flat top blush and gives pigmented even blushing cheeks. It is very buildable so it can go from flushed cheeks to dramatic easily (though you really have to pile it on). The packaging has a cheaply made screw on top but under the top has a flip top seal that works very well (look at pictures). You know how when you open any loose minerals you usually get a puff of powder? Well the flip top seal successfully prevents any pigments from going through. I usually just open the flip top and shake some pigments into the cap, then swirl, tap, buff (like those bare mineral commercials)!! $3.99 for 0.25oz is a great deal. You only need a little product so it'll probably last you years!

WnW - Ultimate Minerals Blush - $3.99 - 0.25 oz

Flip top seal

Click picture to review ingredients list

Barely Peach is a matte coral-pink color (no shimmer at all) and Pinched Pink is a rosy pink with some shimmer

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