Friday, October 28, 2011

Tokidoki Robbery Palette Swatches + Review

Guess what I bought at the Sephora Friends and Family sale?
Yup you got it! Tarte Limited-Edition Lipsurgence Collection!
Oh, you wanted me to say the Tokidoki Robbery Palette? That was a robbery palette, for both my wallet and well.. there were robbers on the tin.
What?! It's on sale at for 25 dollars when it is originally 50 dollars PLUS the friends and family discount?! Now that is robbery, to Sephora that is!

So guess what? How'd you know I got the Robbery Pallete?! Damn, you have esp powers or something!

Tokidoki Robbery Palette with magnet

The Tokidoki Robbery Palette is hella cute. Yeah, it had to be said. The specifications (copied and pasted from edited a bit of the info so you get to read less :D):

- Royal Pride Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolini, Bulletto and a 0.16 oz Bronzer in Royal Pride
- Arlecchino Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Soya, Candy Cane, Ninja Dog, Meteo and a 0.16 oz Blush in Momobella
- Rapina Palette: 4 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Liberty, Bullets, LA Gun, Adios and a 0.16 oz Blush in Polpettina
- Collectible Robbery Print tin
-  Removable tokidoki logo magnet (3.5 x 5.5")

A full sized Urban Decay shadow is 17 dollars for 0.05 oz. So the shadows are smaller than half of a UD shadow.
Tokidoki Tin w/o magnet

Tokidoki palette has a small mirror!


The tin box houses three removable palettes. So you can just take your favorite palette and leave it in your purse/backpack for touch-ups. I believe the first palette is warm toned. The second is cool toned. The third is a night look palette (smokey eyes, anyone?). The shadows are soft but doesn't create excessive powder when picking up product. Honestly, I love this palette. It has everything I want and is a great value for 25 dollars. If I had to pay the original $50, I probably wouldn't have gotten it (I'm cheap!). I would have preferred the blushes to have a LOT less glitter but that's ok. I'll just avoid the sun or look like Edward Cullen if I step out. I actually appreciate that the palette has some bolder colors. Ever since I went paraben-free, I can't use a lot of my eyeshadows. I have the crazy 120 palette but I'm pretty sure it's toxic, considering how it smells like paint. Basically, I have this and the two Shady Lady palettes for eyeshadows! Which brings me to the main reason I bought this:

This palette is PARABEN-FREE!! 
Eyeshadows, the bronzer and the blushes are all paraben-free!

This is the number thing for me nowadays. I won't promise everything in my blog is paraben-free (so look for the labels or tags in the blog)! Lots of my lipsticks are not and I might eventually review those.


Eye Shadows (L-R): Lion Pappa, Savana, Ercolino, Bulletto//Bronzer: Royal Pride
Lion Palette (warm toned) - As a whole, this palette is probably the most pigmented and smoothest of all three. I'm not going to describe the color because there is nothing unique about the physical attributes of the shadows. None of the shadows have any large chunks of glitter, just your standard shimmer shadows. There are no mattes here, which is probably why this palette swatched the best. There is a range of gold to brown glitter in the bronzer. Btw, I know there are names to these palettes, but I think the names I gave it is easier to remember :o).

Blush: Momobella//Eyeshadows (L-R): Meteo, Ninja Dog, Candy Cane, Soya
Ninja Robber Palette (cool toned) - The blush in this palette has a RIDICULOUS amount of glitter. It is a peachy-pink blush, jammed packed with gold glitter. The blush is just a wash of color. Is it buildable? Probably. You have to really dig in if you want a lot of color though. Ninja Dog (royal purple) was a HUGE disappointment. The color was really light and has the most glitter in the cool toned palette. Meteo  is a matte blue with a sheen to it. The white and green is a shimmer eyeshadow. The white is patchier than the other colors.

Blush: Polpettina//Eyeshadows (L-R): Adios, LA Gun, Bullets, Liberty
Ghost Palette (night palette) - The night palette has some great colors. I really like the dark moss green (liberty) and the silver of the palette. I've been really into silver and gold eyes, so this is a good addition to the collection. The matte black is impressive (or I've never used a good matte black before lol), it isn't patchy and goes on smoothly. The other three eyeshadows are shimmer texture. The blush is mauve with lots of silver glitter. The picture makes it look peach(?!)

Overall: This is a great start out kit for beginners. It has a good silver, a matte black, a bronzy shimmer for neutral eyes. If you want to go bolder, there are some brights in the mix and smokey colors too. The lime green is great quality. I especially enjoyed the gold in the palette because I don't have any gold shadows and always wanted one :). One thing I dislike about the Robbery Palette is that the blushes and bronzer (especially the blushes) have way too much glitter. It just isn't really my thing. $25 for 12 half-sized shadows, two blushes and 1 bronzer is a good deal! If you order before November 2 with the F&F code, you can pay ~$22 AFTER tax! It is also paraben-free which is hard to find in makeup still. I also like how portable the palettes are!

With the palettes removes, you see this cute image :)


  1. Oh my! These are soooooo adorable! The packaging already makes the whole experience so much better.

  2. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips - They really are adorable :)! I especially like the images of them in prison :X!