Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby blogger in town :)

Hey everyone that is reading this!

I'm so excited to start my new blog :)! It'll consist of mostly makeup and beauty related posts but occasionally there might be other posts unrelated to those things. I'll try to have loads and loads of pictures because I love blogs with lots of pictures (sometimes I don't even read the words :X). Here's a picture right now! Check out my paint.net skills yo!

Can you tell I'm excited for this?! Please excuse the noob blog template, I'll fix it up when I have time or when I'm not feeling lazy ><. I'm just super excited to post up these TJ Maxx pictures so I decided to restart my blog. I started this blog (in January 1, 2011) but haven't really posted anything since the 30th. It was supposed to be a place to keep my thoughts in order but I never updated. Since I read beauty blogs everyday, I decided to try my own.

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