Thursday, October 27, 2011

NOTD: Glam Rock Nails

Hello everyone!

Haven't posted in sooo very long, I've been busy :). I finally painted my nails because I'm done interviewing for jobs. I put myself on a nail polish ban because I didn't want to paint my nails then remove the polish when I have a job interview the next day. The first impression is the only impression, so no wackiness for me! Now that I'm done interviewing (didn't get the job yet lol), I decided to reward myself by painting them :).

I used Wet N Wild's Everybody Loves Redmond, China Glaze Black Crackle and Essence Silver Polish (thin brush one). In the beginning I had another idea, but after a failed halloween mani (I'll post the picture up ><, DON'T JUDGE PLEASE lol), I decided to go the easy route.

Glam Rock Nails

I apologize for the pastiness of my hands. I would retake the picture with moisturized hands but I'm too lazy lol. The mani isn't super gorgeous like those insanely talented nail ladies in other blogs, but this is the best I can do haha. Sorry for the chip on the thumb too! I used crappy top coat (OPI) and took this picture the next day. I call this Glam Rock nails because it is reminiscent of the 80s rock groups (makes me think of Bret Michaels lol). It kind of has this tiger print tackiness vibe I associate with glam rock. The silver heart is the icing on the cake for me haha. For some reason, my nails also makes me think "hipster ironic". Maybe it's because I never wear tiger print so it's ironic I have animal print-esque nails.

Here's my failed halloween mani. I know it's not TOO bad.. and had potential.. but it turned out to be a ginormous mess on the right hand (darn my non-ambidextrous brain!)

Have a great day, hope it's sunny in your hood :)!

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