Saturday, December 10, 2011

Presents I Paid For in the Mail!

I have a love hate relationship with shopping online. On one hand, I risk my credit card being stolen and breach of privacy. On the other hand, I get all giddy when my purchases arrive. Even though I paid for it, it feels like Christmas morning (I actually can't wait until morning and open my presents 12 am midnight). The anticipation almost make the products more special. I blame delayed of gratification for this. Well Cyber Monday happened recently. If you were "in the know", you probably heard of some pretty cool beauty sales going on. I was especially psyched for Milani's 50% off sale and Jordana's 25% off sale WITH free shipping. Shipping is the reason why I don't shop online regularly (my wallet is thankful though). I digress. I really wanted the "holy grail" eyeliner so many bloggers have been talking about, i.e. Milani Liquif'eye and Jordana Color Xtend. So I put in my order in the morning of Cyber Monday on their INCREDIBLY SLOW website. My friend didn't even order anything because of how slow it was. Fast forward 7 days and my purchase arrive! I was going out when the mail man came. I opened the box in the car on my way to the mall. YEAH, I was that excited!

Milani Cyber Monday!
I shall review them in another post. But I'm so excited I wanted to share (read: brag) with everyone! I so wanted the baked blushes, especially the one in lumiouso. Unfortunately, the baked blush line contains parabens. The mineral blush line, on the other hand, doesn't (except for their luminous color). I got the blushes in Mai Tai, Sunset Beach and Sweet Rose. Mai Tai may be their most famous color since Emily Noel, the youtube guru (I hate the word guru) talked about it a lot. I also got Milani Liquif'eye in Brown and Liquif'eye automatic pencil in Purple. Horray! I played around with the products a bit and they are projected to be pretty awesome!

I'll talk what happened with the Jordana shipment in another post. Hopefully, I receive all my items -___-.

In other news, I also received a freebie from L'oreal's fan page on Facebook. They were having a promo for people that pledge to "never fake it again".. they are talking about false eyelashes you perv. The mascara contains parabens. I'll try it out since I heard great things, plus it was free :o).

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

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  1. Feel the very same way about online shopping! Love what you bought!