Friday, December 9, 2011

NOTD - Blue and White Dots

Being the nail art newb I am, I've actually never successfully made "pretty" dots on my nails before. I've tried using a toothpick once and the mani ended up looking like swiss cheese. I don't own any dotting tools and didn't want to spend my money on buying one. The other day I was prowling the interweb and saw a nail blog. This girl (I assume) used the back end of her makeup brush as a dotting tool. "GENIUS!" was my first thought, followed by "Why didn't I think of that?" and "I'm going to try this NOW!" I used the dollar concealer brush from elf, though I really use it for my gel liner. The brush has outlived it's use, it's all shaggy from the constant washing. If you own an elf concealer brush, you'll see that the end is a bit fat. The dots ended up bigger than I expected. Not a problem since I was going to toss it anyways. It's living another life :).

Blue and White Dots

The blue polish is Zoya's Indigo and the white polish is WnW's White Creme.
Basically I painted the base color and let it dry. Then dabbed polish on a piece of paper and used the back end of the brush and made dots! Perfect dotting tool! YEEE! So scavenge your makeup brushes as they can double up as dotting tools. I'll probably try a snowman mani soon!

Used the back end of the brush (right side)

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